Our Story

A building is not only a structure of walls; an apartment is not simply a place to keep your things. The Berkman is your place to celebrate your story and toast to your future. In our search for the perfect identity for this residential community we took it back to the beginning, to discover inspiring “untold” stories that helped shape the community of Rochester as we now it today. A city full of rich history, one story in particular resonates - that of one of Rochester’s most visionary women, Mrs. Daisy Louise Berkman Plummer.

Our story is inspired by one remarkable woman in the city’s history. Compassionate, intelligent, strong and creative, she helped pioneer Rochester’s thriving arts community. Daisy was the wife of Dr. Henry Stanley Plummer, one of Mayo Clinic’s finest. Daisy went above and beyond to care for others; she opened her home to all while sharing her love of cooking, gardening, traveling and playing piano. 

 The Berkman celebrates her legacy and continues to uphold a commitment to incredible hospitality and community.

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